Roundtable: Energy efficient transport in Prerov

2013. 3. 16.

27.2.2013, Prerov


The roundtable was divided into three main parts. The introductory part defined the topic, gave an overview of relevant strategies at the European and national levels and provided a view of future funding possibilities (via the EU Multiannual Financial Framework 2014-2020). In the second part the Case study on transport in Prerov was introduced, its main findings and recommendations were presented. In the last section all participants discussed the problems and recommendations defined by the case study.

Barbora Hanzlova (CDE) introduced the 'Sustainable transport in the V4 region' project, its goals, project partners and activities. She also introduced her organisation Centre for Transport and Energy and the Visegrad Fund.

Out of recommended measures to increase transport efficiency participants consider the following ones as most appropriate and realistic: allow two-way passage for cyclist in one-way streets, gradually integrate cyclist in the car traffic compared to current cycling routes on sidewalks, establish 2 new train stations out of the city centre in locations with high transport demand, complete the replacement of conventional buses by buses on CNG and in the future by electro-buses.

The municipality of Prerov takes actively care of the transport issue in the city. Despite that they are not able to solve the biggest problem, the transit car traffic. Transit traffic in Prerov is caused mainly by the missing part of highway going around the city which would have the role of city envelopment. This problem has to be solved in cooperation with the Ministry of Transport. Due to lack of finances the project is not finished yet. Beside that the views on how to solve the remaining part of car traffic in the city views of different stakeholders vary.